Year 6 SATs Preparation 2020

Welcome to Werrington Primary School’s ‘one-stop shop’ for all your SATs preparation needs! Here you will find resources designed to help your child practise and prepare for the tests in May.

The tests this year will take place during the week beginning Monday 11th May.

Practice Maths Tests

Below are some practice maths tests. There is a mixture of arithmetic (paper 1) and reasoning (paper 2 and 3) tests, all of which include marking guidance at the back.

Pack 1 Paper 1

Pack 1 Paper 2

Pack 1 Paper 3

Pack 2 Paper 1

Pack 2 Paper 2

Pack 2 Paper 3

Pack 3 Paper 1

Pack 3 Paper 2

Pack 3 Paper 3

Pack 4 Paper 1

Pack 4 Paper 2

Pack 4 Paper 3

Pack 5 Paper 2

Pack 5 Paper 3

Pack 6 Paper 1

Pack 6 Paper 2

Pack 6 Paper 3

Useful Websites:

BBC Bitesize Maths – A useful revision site covering all different areas of maths

Corbett Maths Primary – A valuable resource containing videos and worksheets (including the answers!) for a number of key areas of the Key Stage Two curriculum.

Corbett Maths 5-a-day – Four sets of 5 maths questions for every day of the year!

Times Table Rockstars – An awesomely addictive game that will certainly keep your rapid recall of multiplication and division facts sharp!

Finally, here is a copy of the Y6 SATs Knowledge Organiser that was sent home a few weeks ago:


Practice Punctuation & Grammar Tests

Mrs Lockett and Mrs Adams have sent home a couple of booklets containing practice punctuation and grammar questions in the Easter Revision Pack. However, you can also find copies of some of the past papers below.

SPaG Paper 1 (2018)

SPaG Paper 1 (2017)

SPaG Paper 1 (2016)

SPaG Paper 1 (2016 Sample)


Hopefully your child loves reading and will enjoy doing so for pleasure over the holiday. However, if they are in need of some inspiration, don’t forget to pop in to Werrington Library (or whichever is your local library) to pick up some awesome books!


Below are copies of the Y5/6 and Y3/4 statutory word lists that have both been organised into different groups of spellings rules/patterns.



More preparation, less trepidation! 

In the build up to the tests, ensure:

  • you encourage your child to do their best and keep working hard;
  • your child gets enough sleep;
  • your child eats breakfast;
  • your child is sufficiently hydrated;
  • your child gets to school on time;
  • your child attends.

One final message…

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