Viking Homelands29-01-2020 | 08:30:39 | No Comments

Our main topic for this term is ‘Would you rather be a¬†Saxon or a Viking?’

As part of this work, we are researching the Viking homelands.

Women in STEM: Katherine Johnson #WerringtonSTEM16-01-2020 | 13:07:01 | No Comments

The 11th of February is the United Nation’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science. In recognition of this, each year group will researching a female STEM pioneer. In Year 6, we will be learning about Katherine Johnson and her awesome achievements.

You can find out more about Katherine Johnson at

Who was Carl Linnaeus and why was his work so significant? #WerringtonSTEM10-01-2020 | 13:23:05 | No Comments

This afternoon, Y6 have begun to explore ‘classification’ in Science. We started by researching who Carl Linnaeus was and why his work was so significant.

We used the following websites to help us find out more:

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