Online safety: abusive online behaviours #WerringtonSTEM23-10-2019 | 14:14:36 | No Comments

This week we have explored different types of abusive behaviour that can occur online. The main areas we focussed on were:
• Cyberbullying
• Threatening behaviour
• Trolling
• Hacking accounts
• Setting up fake profiles
• Tagging photos with defamatory or negative comments
• Blackmail

We discussed whether these behaviours were ever acceptable by using a strip of paper, a paperclip and an ‘always, sometimes, never’ scale.

We finished the session by exploring the potential consequences for those who behave abusively online.

Eatwell Guide #WerringtonSTEM18-10-2019 | 11:34:16 | No Comments

Today we started to explore what is meant by a healthy balanced diet using the ‘Eatwell Guide’.

After identifying the major food groups – and how much of each we have as part of a healthy balanced diet – we started to explore the benefits we can get from each food group.

If you would like to find out more, below you can find links to useful websites that we used as part of our research:

The NHS interactive eatwell guide

Healthy Kids Assosciation

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

Eat for health

Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing (University of Minnesota)

Our work also linked to Mrs Prince’s assembly about World Food Day on October 16th – click here to find out more!

Online safety week: Terms & Conditions #WerringtonSTEM16-10-2019 | 16:11:39 | No Comments

This afternoon, we have discussed what terms and conditions are and why we need to read them carefully.  We then asked the children to evaluate a set of terms and conditions that were being proposed for a new app that was being developed for parents of schoolchildren. The children were unanimous in their distaste towards the terms of conditions being proposed and made it very clear that they would never consent to them under any circumstances. However, when it was revealed to them that these terms and conditions were almost identical to the types of terms and conditions you find with popular social media platforms, to say the children were shocked was an understatement!

The Children’s Commissioner website is a fantastic resource for children and parents that is full of reports, ideas and links to resources all designed to protect and empower children online and hold social media companies to account. To find more, click here.

You may also find the following Newsround video and article useful:

Online safety: Privacy Policies #WerringtonSTEM16-10-2019 | 16:01:24 | No Comments

Over the past few days, we have been exploring online privacy policies and monitoring our favourite websites to ensure they have appropriate measures in place to keep us safe online. In particular, we have been investigating the following questions:

Does the home page have a link to a privacy policy?

Do the pages that request private information have a link to the privacy policy?

Is the link to the privacy policy clear and easy to find?

Does the site give the contact information of the person to reach if you have questions about privacy?

Does the site show a seal of approval, such as the TRUSTe Privacy Seal for Kids?

We were impressed by the National Geographic KiDS website which had it’s very own ‘Kids’ Privacy Policy

Film trailers #WerringtonSTEM14-10-2019 | 13:47:27 | No Comments

Over the past few weeks, Year Six pupils have been working hard to create film trailers linked to our WW1 & WW2 topic. So far, the children have incorporated images, text, film and audio into their short videos. They have also been using Microsoft PowerPoint to customise their images by using text, animation effects and slide transitions to create their own video files to use in their trailers.

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