Scientist Focus: Alhazen – The Father of Optics #WerringtonSTEM20-05-2019 | 07:00:53 | No Comments


As part of our work on ‘Light’, Y6 have been researching the famous scientist, Alhazen. One of his most important findings was that light travelled in straight lines. He was also able to disprove some of the theories from Ancient Greek philosophers who believed that the Greek goddess Aphrodite lit a fire in the human eye and that this made vision possible because light rays from this fire emanated from the eye, illuminating objects around us. 

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Y6 spellings for 10.5.1903-05-2019 | 10:16:57 | No Comments

accommodate apparent
definite sufficient
government mischievous
achieve conscience
competition forty
symbol twelfth
familiar vegetable
recommend criticise
immediate necessary
committee sincerely
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