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During our online safety work this week, we have been investigating the following question: How can we make our passwords strong and secure?


We had some really interesting discussions about why we need to have strong passwords and why we should never share them with other people.


We also thought about the following questions:


Q1. What do you think are the most common passwords?

Q2. What is your password?

Q3. What should you do if someone finds out what your password is?

Q4. How can you make your passwords strong and therefore hard for people to work out or guess?

Q5. Why should you have different passwords and PIN numbers for different accounts?

Q6. How often should you change your passwords?


The most common passwords pet’s names and, unbelievably, the word ‘password‘. However, as you will see from the checklist at the bottom of the page, these would not make good passwords!


Fortunately, most people didn’t fall for the second question and refused to disclose their passwords.


We all agreed that if somebody found out your password, you should change it at the first possible opportunity. However, it is also recommended that you change your passwords every six months anyway (and don’t re-use any old ones!).


The following checklist is a fantastic tool for creating passwords:



You can also check how strong they are at the following website:

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