812822-09-2017 | 16:44:27 | No Comments

Today, Y6 explored the number 8128 in maths. They showed real creativity in their explorations to discover loads of new things and made so many connections, I was astounded. I was particularly impressed with Owen and H’s work on factors. Not only did they find all the factors of 8128 (and prove it!), they also discovered that there was something rather ‘perfect’ about the number we were investigating…


What effect does exercise have on our body?22-09-2017 | 16:39:02 | No Comments

This week, in Science, we have begun investigating what effect exercise has on our body. After planning what we were going to do in groups, the next step was to go and do some exercise! Hollie was that quick running round the playground, I was only able to snatch a quick blurry snap of her!

Next week, we will be linking science to maths and creating a line graph to see if there is any correlation between exercise and things like heart rate or breathing rate.


Online Safety Conversation Starters22-09-2017 | 16:26:57 | No Comments

Not sure how to start a conversation with your child about their internet use? Here are some conversation starters, produced by Childnet:



Family Internet Agreement22-09-2017 | 16:24:02 | No Comments

This family agreement, produced by Childnet, is a great way to start a conversation with your whole family about how you all use the internet and discuss together how to behave in a positive way when online at home, at school or at a friend’s house.


RAF Cosford21-09-2017 | 22:58:11 | 2 Comments

Today, Year 6 enjoyed a fabulous experience at the RAF Cosford Museum. In addition to seeing loads of planes, tanks and missiles, they also tried on WW2 clothes and gas masks, hid in a Morrison Shelter, experienced a blackout while an air raid siren ‘moaned’, took part in hands-on science of flight experiments and much, much more!


How much blood do we have in our bodies?18-09-2017 | 11:54:04 | No Comments

On Friday, the pupils in Year 6 investigated how much blood was in their body. They measured things like their height and weight before using this data in a formula to work out approximately how much blood was in their bodies. They then measured that amount of liquid into a bucket to see how much it was and feel how much it weighed!


Welcome back09-09-2017 | 10:29:20 | No Comments

Welcome back Year 6! We hope you have managed to have an amazing summer, recharge the batteries and are raring to go! We have been really impressed with the children’s first week back and they are already working hard – keep it up!

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