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Hi everybody!

Yesterday, we had a fun, action-packed walk through Cannock Chase then finished the day relaxing in our yurt before we camped down in the rain for a good night’s sleep!

We were also lucky enough to receive visits from Mrs Lockett (accompanied by her children), Mrs Walker and Mr Hubbard (who joined us for a game of football and managed to make it through the first round of Wembley singles!). Their visits were in addition to those of Miss Stokes and Mrs Roberts who joined us for games on Tuesday.

Today we have done canoeing/kayaking plus team games. All being well this evening, we will be doing one of my personal highlights: camp songs by the fire!

You should be very proud of your children who have excelled themselves this week, particularly in three areas:

1. Manners
The Werrington children, who are always the most polite children in camp, have this year excelled themselves. This has not only been noted by us but also the camp staff and teachers from other schools.

2. Growth mindset
Our children have been trying a lot of new things, both food and activities, during the week. Some of them they may not really have enjoyed but most they have loved. However, they have always all given it their best shot!

3. Team work

It goes without saying that we strive to support the children in every way we can but we have been particularly impressed by the way they have helped each other (with both big and small things). My personal highlight was when we had a race up a hill (about a 1.5 km run). Everyone took part (growth mindset) but one individual struggled. The children did not only shout and support him but about 30 of them decided to run up the steep hill to help him to finish the run. The leaders commented to that they never seen anything like that before – and they have worked with an awful lot of children!

It has really been an honour and privilege to borrow your children this week.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Lindblad, Miss Whitmore and Mrs Bennett

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