Towers of Perseverance21-11-2021 | 14:12:56 | No Comments

Year 6 persevered this week as they were challenged to create the tallest, freestanding tower using materials that they could find in our school grounds. They had to think carefully about the risks of handling larger, more heavy objects and pull together as a team to complete their mission. Despite some collapses early on, they adapted their designs and all created freestanding towers. Well done Year 6!

Marvellous Mud Creations11-11-2021 | 15:45:21 | No Comments

This week, Year 6 began by collecting wood suitable for fire-lighting. They learned about the different grades of wood suitable for burning at different stages of a fire and gathered enough for drying out ready for next week. They then turned their hands to a more creative activity and worked with mud and other natural materials to create tree spirits. They had lots of fun creating sticky mud suitable for the task and even gave their spirits names.

Fire Starters and Fireworks04-11-2021 | 08:54:32 | No Comments

This week Year 6 put their skills with a flint striker to the test. Working in pairs, they practised their striking technique so that the sparks made would travel onto some tinder (we used cotton wool and tumble dryer fluff) and create a small fire. It was tricky for some at first but everyone successfully created fire by the end of the session and then managed it safely for themselves. Year 6 also created some beautiful pavement firework pictures using chalks, which really brightened up the playground. A super afternoon in the outdoors!

Super Scissors26-09-2021 | 17:27:22 | No Comments

During last week’s Forest School session, Year 6 learned about the 4 tool families that we use in our outdoor learning. They then learned how to safely use loppers from the scissor set of tools, to help cut branches to make them more usable for den building and firewood. The group did well to follow all safety instructions and made a super start in creating a sustainable wood store for our future Forest School activities.

We’re going on a litter pick!16-09-2021 | 14:48:27 | No Comments

This week in Forest School, Year 6 thought about the natural world of the future. After a group discussion, the children thought that the natural world would be worse in the future if we don’t all work together to take steps to care for our planet. They then set straight to work taking care of our little part of the world with a much-needed litter pick of the school grounds. It was surprising how much litter was found but they worked well in teams to do their bit for nature. Afterwards, they refreshed their tree identification skills to ensure they have a good understanding of the trees that live in our school grounds. A super afternoon’s efforts!

Andy Warhol-inspired art29-01-2021 | 16:27:36 | No Comments

Today Y6 have been creating artwork in the style of Andy Warhol. You can find a selection of their creations below.

Pop art portraits – lesson 218-01-2021 | 16:11:17 | No Comments

On Friday, our pupils – whether they were working at home or in school – developed their pop art portraits further by adding colour. The portraits are in the style of Julian Opie and I’m sure you will agree from the selection below that the children have done a fantastic job. Well done Y6!

Which drinks are bad for our teeth? #WerringtonSTEM25-11-2020 | 17:09:58 | No Comments

Today Y6 set up an investigation to see what effect different drinks have on our teeth (especially if we don’t brush them!).

We used eggshells because they contain similar chemical compositions to the enamel of teeth.

We also had some great questions, such as, ‘are teeth bones?’

We can’t wait to see what the milk, water, orange juice and coke do to our eggshells over the coming days!

How does exercise affect our body? #WerringtonSTEM07-10-2020 | 15:16:24 | No Comments

Year 6 have been investigating the how exercise affects our bodies.

There was some excellent group work taking place and our ‘Together we Succeed’ motto was very evident!

Portraits: Walter Tull07-10-2020 | 15:03:52 | No Comments

During our ongoing art work – portraits of key historical figures – we have learned about Walter Tull.

Walter Tull was both a professional footballer player and a soldier during World War One.

Walter had to give up his career as a footballer to help out in the war, but he then became recognised as the first black officer to lead white British soldiers into battle.

For more information about the life of Walter Tull, please visit

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